Paperless I-9 Compliance with Integrated E-Verify Capability

There are over a dozen “technical or procedural failures” possible on the Form I-9 for which U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  are enforcing through levied fines via a new nationwide audit inititative.  Moreover, more and more federal and state laws are imposing the E-Verify process on employers which can be a costly process separate from the I-9s.

paperless I-9To help employers avoid completing Form I-9s with such costly technical or procedural failures, ISG offers and administers an I-9 electronic management system to alert HR executives before the form is completed and signed for retention.   Additionally, the paperless I-9 solution is integrated with the E-Verify system to offer streamlining of all aspects of the employment eligibility verification process through one, seamless and efficient process.   This is the next generation interface for employers offering a cost-effective tool to administer and comply with employment eligibility verification federal and state rules and regulations.

DHS LogoThe I-9 system is in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration for web-based Form I-9 employment eligibility with the ability to conduct verifications through E-Verify.  It also provides an error-detecting electronic Form I-9, secure online Form I-9 storage, proactive notifications of employees’ expiring work authorizations, and comprehensive I-9 legal consulting services with ISG attorneys.

The I-9 system enables our clients to:

I-9 technical and procedural failures is too costly to ignore.  Employers who fail to properly complete, retain, and/or present Forms I-9 for inspection as required by law may be subject to a civil penalty for violations ranging from $110 – $1,100 per employee whose Form I-9 is not properly completed, retained, and/or presented.   Also, the Attorney General can bring a district court action seeking equitable relief (i.e., permanent injunction, etc.).  There are over a dozen technical or procedural failures possible on the I-9.  To prevent I-9  Forms from being completed with such costly technical or procedural failures, ISG offers the I-9 electronic management system to alert the administrator before the form is signed and completed.

Complete I-9’s Electronically and Efficiently

Integrate with Existing HR System Data

The I-9 management system efficiently streamlines the I-9 verification, E-Verify and document retention processes.  i9workflowThe system seamlessly integrates with human resource management and payroll systems (e.g.: Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and others), allowing access within the I-9 system to all new and terminated employee information.  In addition, the system fully integrates with ISG’s immigration case management system, allowing our clients with a global workforce the ability to manage all aspects through sets of solutions that speak the same language.

The I-9 system allows our clients to customize the workflow processes of employment eligibility verification management. You can distribute responsibilities to in-house and remote staff and to our attorneys as well as obtain necessary information directly from new hires and current employees.

Avoid Technical Paperwork Violations and DHS Civil Fines

The I-9 system has been designed to alert our clients of any errors made while completing I-9 forms. Our intuitively designed form and documentation system checks each detail of the process to ensure forms are filled in and filed correctly, that all necessary documents have been filed with each I-9 submission and that digital signatures are included, wherever needed.

Furthermore, the I-9 system’s automatic email alert feature gives clients valuable reminders about compliancy deadlines.  In addition, the system alerts employers and employees about various aspects of the re-verification process, including deadlines and milestones.

The I-9 system audit report features also allows our clients to generate a report with compliance information for defined time periods. It can enable our firm to check forms for a particular month or year randomly and digitally, without being required to search through an entire set of forms.

Moreover, by automatically populating relevant fields directly from your HRMS and payroll systems, our clients increase efficiency saving time and money while ensuring accuracy.

Submit Queries Seamlessly without any Additional Process or Data Entry

With just a click of a submit button in the I-9 system – without any additional process or data entry – clients canE-Verify_Logo_4-Color_CMYK_SM_JPG automatically process their E-Verify queries with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Soial Security Administration (SSA).  The system is federally-approved and integrated with the DHS to easily make the E-Verify query in one efficient step within the I-9 system itself.

Sign I-9s and Retain Documents Electronically to Ensure Immediate Access

The I-9 system allows our clients to sign and store I-9 documents electronically through simple, digital processes that ensure full compliance with current and upcoming USCIS guidelines.

It further allows our clients to digitally store all I-9 forms and other verification documents in one location. The system is designed to allow our clients to begin to use the system for new I-9s or migrate existing I-9 records to digital system with ease.

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