USCIS Service Center Processing Schedule


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has made available an online list of processing times for District Offices, Service Centers and the National Benefits Center.


First, locate your receipt notice (Form I-797) that you received from USCIS when you filed your application or petition.  (If you have a more receipt notice such as a transfer notice, locate that notice as well). 

Second, locate the receipt date on the top of the receipt notice to see when USCIS received your application or petition.  (USCIS usually processes cases in the order they are received).

Third, locate the office or service center on your most recent notice from USCIS pertaining to your application or petition.   

Finally, below you will need to click on the link for the office or service center handling the case.  This will bring up a chart that shows the Form Number, Form Name and Processing Times for all of the forms that are processed at that office.  Here you can see if your processing receipt date is earlier or later than the noted processing time for your application or petition type at that office or service center.  If your receipt date is earlier than the time identified, you now have a sense of how long you will likely need to wait for the specific petition or application to be processed.  If your receipt date is later than the time identified, your case is beyond the normal processing time; if you have questions about your application’s case status, please call (202) 234-0899 to set up a consultation. 

Click here to view Vermont Service Center Dates

Click here to view California Service Center Dates

Click here to view National Benefit Center Dates

Click here to view Nebraska Service Center Dates

Click here to view Texas Service Center Dates