USCIS Case Status

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gavelWaiting for a decision often depends on the adjudication’s office resources, the demand that is place on the adjudication center by the number of applications they receive, and how the adjudication center decides to allocate its resources for any given application type.

USCIS usually processes cases in the order they are received. For each type of application or petition, USCIS has specific workload processing goals. For example, USCIS tries to process naturalization cases within 5 months of the date they receive them and immediate relative petitions (for the spouse, parent or minor child of a U.S. citizen) within 6 months of the receipt date.  Sometimes the volume of cases USCIS receives is so large or the unavailability of resources that it prevents USCIS from achieving those processing time goals.

In August 2003, USCIS established the Case Status Search engine. It can be accessed by you using the internet or telephone. Now you may directly seek the status of your case.

You can access the Case Status Search system by phone at 1 (800) 375-5283. You can also use this number for address changes. You can also access the Case Status Search on the Web here.

You must have the receipt number to access information regarding your case.  You may search for the status of an immigration benefits application submitted to a USCIS Service Center with just the application receipt number assigned to your case by the USCIS. The receipt number are a series of numbers following three letters: example LIN-00-000-00000.

Unfortunately, although USCIS will provide the most recent action taken in your case, the information USCIS offers is fairly limited.  USCIS will not research your case to give you details.  If your case is beyond the normal processing time from the date it was received by USCIS, and you have questions about your application’s case status, please call (202) 234-0899 to set up a consultation.