Attentive, Responsive, Diligent


ISG attorneys and staff represent each client’s needs with competence, diligence, individualized attention and respect in keeping with the standards of professional conduct and sound judgment expected from first-rate legal counsel. 


Individualized attention serves as ISG’s mantra for excellence.  Personal attention is provided from committed lawyers who have earned the highest respect by their clients. 

ISG attorneys and staff believe that proactive, straightforward and responsive communication with clients and immigration officers make them better at providing the services you need.  As effective communicators, ISG attorneys and staff deliver the best and most timely results.  Their professional character is of the highest order — indeed, the role of a responsive attorney is taken seriously at ISG.  Their work habits are disciplined, and their zeal for perfection towards detail and nuances is highly commended by clients.

With a group of dedicated immigration attorneys, ISG has developed systematized processes for handling high volume caseloads with a demonstrated ability to maintain the personal touch.  A team is assigned to each corporate client and their employees to personalize and build stronger relationships for effective beginning-to-end legal advice and services.

ISG understands that each client has a different situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. For example, an applicant may have separated family members, an unfavorable immigration history, or anticipated travel needs. ISG attorneys consider the totality of your circumstances and understand that those circumstances may change and that those circumstances are always relevant when representing your needs.

ISG has an unparalleled track record for prompt approvals. But effective immigration counsel is not only about speedy approvals. Today, compliance is more important than ever before. Attention-to-detail and personal attention is critical to properly representing your interests. ISG prepares, advises and manages your needs to ensure compliance with federal immigration laws and regulations. First and always, ISG attorney’s listen to your specific needs. Then, ISG determines on a case-by-case basis, what is the most suitable path to achieve the goal. ISG sees the case through from the preparation and filing of the non-immigrant visa application (H-1B, TN, J-1, etc.) all the way through to legal permanent resident status.

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