Case Management Technology


Clients get the benefit of nationally acclaimed state-of-the-art global case management technology.  Our online case management system streamlines the process for faster turnaround, provides 24-hour access to detailed case status information, and enables HR executives and in-house counsel to generate case history spreadsheets and accounting information. 

 ISG’s Global Case Management System:

Clients get more attention to detail, faster turnaround, streamlined case processing, and anytime-anywhere access to case status questions

ISG’s state-of-the-art global case management system allows corporations to streamline and simplify their immigration programs.  Our case management system enables online access to a variety of information for a range of needs: a foreign national web portal provided in real-time, a corporate HR web portal provided in real-time, auto email alerts for foreign nationals and HR professionals to ensure that you are always informed of compliancy requirements and deadlines, bills that can be viewed instantly, and broadcast message tools that enable you to receive important milestones and events within our law firm and the ever-evolving immigration regulations.

ISG works with clients globally including the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as across the United States.  ISG works with fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations. Business clients find a level of service and dedication to their needs that no other firm can provide thanks to ISG’s case management advantages.

Workflow Management

Information gathered online can be populated directly from data entered by you via our online interface.  To manage cases effectively, we have a comprehensive audit trail report system to ensure compliance.  We utilize email alerts and reminders for case milestones, built-in calculators for priority and service center dates and processing times, including deadlines, and expiration dates and we have an expansive document checklist tracking system and built-in processes for the electronic collection of support documents. 

Our detailed and highly precise compliancy management system ensures that our clients stay compliant with all governmental requirements and deadlines. Our set of solutions store procedures, information and documents and alert members of our firm about all compliance requirements and deadlines for PERM processing, I-9 employment eligibility compliance, Labor Condition Application processing, and AR-11 Address Changes.

computers-connectedOur case management system is capable of permitting multi-level security privileges for access by HR executives, managers, counsel and employees.  We provide case history, case status and automatic case tracking systems that allow you and your clients to track the status of a case in real time. We manage case workflow to let you track case status online anytime resulting in fewer questions and less frustration for HR professionals and their employees.  Completed applications and petitions can be securely emailed to employees in read-only or editable mode, allowing you to remotely print, review, sign and return forms to us for faster turnaround time.

Electronic case management and on-demand access to case information is critical to facilitate compliance with federal immigration law.  We have an unparalleled track record for prompt approvals… but effective immigration counsel is not just about speedy approvals. Today, compliance is more important than ever before.  Cohesive filings, attention-to-detail and aggressive case management is key; we prepare and manage to ensure compliance over all non-immigrant visa applications (H-1B, TN, J-1, etc.) and legal permanent resident immigrant visa petitions (PERM to green card) to provide consistency and accuracy among cases filed with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure compliance with federal laws to prevent case denials and even sanctions such as supervised recruitment. Indeed, currently, the Department of Labor randomly audits a third of all green card/labor certification cases to ensure that the stated qualifications and job duties are consistent from one case to the next and among actual employees hired.  Accordingly, we electronically manage case information so that all information is available so that we may offer case specific advice and assistance with application of the law to the specific facts of a case.  Attorneys work with clients to prepare cases and manage case facts for individual employees such that they are in the position to give practical, rather than general, advice.


Our case management system ensures a secure database infrastructure with world-class resistance to viruses, worms and hackers.  Additionally, there is regular database backup every hour at three distinct geographical locations in the U.S.  We have strategic disaster management plans for instant recovery of data in the event of a natural disaster.

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