Why Choose ISG

Immigration is what ISG does… and only what ISG does!  In addition to attorney expertise that rewards clients with successful outcomes, ISG offers flat-fee services so that clients know the total costs involved from the start, an online case management system so clients get faster turnaround as well as 24-hour access to detailed case status information, and personalized responsive attention from attorneys who are engaged in your needs and concerns. Everything about ISG is designed to serve client needs in the best possible way.

Superior Expertise

ISG leverages a higher level of legal expertise.  Indeed, ISG is a boutique law firm specializing entirely in immigration matters.  Immigration law and policy are constantly changing.  Unlike law firms with multiple practice areas, ISG devotes 100% to keeping apace with those changes that affect you so that ISG can offer the best solutions for your immigration needs. Consequently, ISG offers numerous advantages:

With ISG, you get superior expertise.  Clients gain an understanding of what the law says, how to comply with the law, and why you or the beneficiary qualifies for the immigration benefit sought.

Leading the way, the firm’s managing member, Peter F. Asaad, Esq., is an adjunct law professor at American University, Washington College of Law, where he teaches an advanced course on immigration law.  Achieving a high-level of distinction in the field for his demonstrated legal ability and ethical standards, Mr. Asaad has been awarded a national Peer Review Rating by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell based upon extensive confidential peer review from members of the Bar.   The American Bar Association has recognized Mr. Asaad for his achievement “as one of the nation’s leading litigators” in the field of immigration law.  An authority on complex issues in U.S. immigration law, Mr. Asaad has been a guest speaker on behalf of the Washington Post, the District of Columbia Bar, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, as well as for other institutional bodies and news media groups. Previously, Mr. Asaad served as Lead Counsel for WJLA ABC News Legal Resource Center.

Zealous Representation

ISG offers the optimum play-off between size and agility in servicing clients’ needs.  Indeed, zealous representation serves as ISG’s mantra for excellence and professionalism. This means that each ISG attorney and staff member represents and addresses a client’s need with competence, diligence, and respect in keeping with the standards of ethics and sound judgment expected of a professional. Personal attention is provided from committed lawyers who have earned the highest respect by their clients. They often go beyond the call-of-duty to assist.

ISG attorneys and staff believe that proactive, straightforward and responsive communication with clients and immigration officers makes them better at providing the services you need.  Their professional character is of the highest order – indeed, the role of a responsive attorney is taken seriously at ISG. Their work habits are disciplined, and their zeal for perfection towards detail and nuances is highly commended by clients.

ISG founder, Peter F. Asaad, Esq. was born a first generation American in Chicago to Egyptian immigrants. This means that ISG was founded with a deep understanding for the people it serves.

Innovative Case Management Solutions

ISG works with fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations. Business clients find a level of service and dedication to their needs that no other firm can provide thanks to ISG’s case management advantages. Clients get the benefit of nationally acclaimed state-of-the-art case management technology. What does this mean for you?

ISGs state-of-the-art case management system allows corporations to streamline and simplify their immigration programs.

ISG looks forward to the opportunity to serve your immigration needs!

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