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Immigration Solutions Group, PLLC (ISG) is the leading provider of immigration services and solutions.  Read what clients are saying about the level of service and professionalism that they receive from ISG; clients benefit from difficult approvals, expedited handling, uncommon expertise, and excellent accessibility for the most effective legal representation!

Consider their words:

“Thanks for the quick response, as always !!!”

– Principal Engineer (S.African) regarding employment-based permanent residet application process

 “You’re fast.  I was about to send you the e-mail requesting status on my H-1B extension.”

- Senior Systems Analyst (Indian National) regarding H-1B and H-4 extensions

 “Thank you so much for the effort and great work on my case.”

- Senior Network Engineer (Canadian/Chinese National) regarding H-1B application process

“I have received the green card last saturday, along with my daughter’s.  I am expecting to get my wife’s today as I have received the approval notice. I am very thankful to you and ISG for doing an outstanding job, considering that you had to handle so many different issues of so many people at the same time. I always found that you folks have not delayed things from your end.”

- Hardware Engineer (Indian National) regarding employment-based green card process

“Thank you for all your hard work over the weekend and all that you have done in the past few weeks to get the application process going.” 

– Applications Engineer (Indian National) regarding employment-based green card process

“Thanks for being on top of everything, as usual.”

- U.S. Citizen husband regarding spouse application process

“[P]lease accept my gratitude for the patience and care with which you have handled my case.  I definitely appreciate it.  This is definitely a big burden off my shoulders.”

- Software Engineer (Indian National) regarding employment-based permanent residence approval

“We do appreciate your time, effort  and dedication to the entire adjustment of status process.  Once again thank you.”

– Senior Hardware Engineer (Ghana National) regarding employment-based permanent residet application process

“I have entered the U.S. on Saturday. The visa process was very smooth and easy. You have done a very good job preparing the documents. The officer did not even look and take most of the documents. Once he read the offer letter and support letter he was fine. He kept the copy of my diploma and the first page of the evaluation letter only.  Thanks again for the great job.”

– Principal Hardware Engineer (Canadian National) regarding TN border application process

“I’ve completed the questionnaires as much as I could. Please review them and let me know if you need anything else from me.    I really liked the system. You guys are so much better than XXX.”

– Anonymous (Indian National) – regarding the online case management system and the employment-based permanent residence process 

“I Just want to thank you again for your help with this.  You have achieved more in 4 weeks than I have in 4 years.”

– Senior VP regarding solution to USCIS delay  

“Thank you, could not have done it without your help.”

- U.S. Citizen husband regarding family-based permanent residence process

“Great!   Thanks for working over the weekend to get it out quickly as possible.   Really appreciate your work.”

– Principal Engineer (National of Sri Lanka) regarding the H-1B process

“Thank you very much for the update.  We appreciate your help, and are very grateful to you.  Thank you once more.”

– Software Engineer (Indian National) regarding employment-based permanent residence process

“I received the advanced parole on the 27th.  Guess what?  I checked my I-140 and I-485 status, and both of them are approved.  You guys did a wonderful job preparing my Green Card application.   I was surprised that they approved my Green Card so soon. From the start to end, it didn’t even take three months.  Once again, thank you very much.”

- Senior Software Engineer (Sri Lankan National) regarding I-485, I-140, Advance Parole approvals

“I want to thank you for your services, counseling and advice.  I really admire your professionalism, honesty and good judgment.  I will make sure to get back to you for my future legal needs and I will certainly recommend you to anybody looking for an effective representation on immigration issues.”

- Non-Profit Program Administrator (Colombian National) regarding service, counseling, and advice

“Thank you so much for your hard work.  I really appreciate your effort in handling our cases so professionally and so efficiently.  We apologize if our cases make you work so late in Friday.  We wish you have a great weekend.”

- Software Engineer (National of the People’s Republic of China) regarding H-1B expedited case handling

“Thank you.  I really appreciate the quick responses I am getting after moving to your firm.  At least we get replies to email and voice messages.  Looks like your team understands the real life difficulties we go through on H1B!!”

- Principal Engineer (Indian National) regarding the H-1B process

“Immigration Solutions Group provided sound legal advice, and a steady hand through the entire process.  Thanks.”

- U.S. Citizen regarding fiance application approval

“You are a scholar and gentleman.  Thanks for your input.”

– Local immigration attorney seeking advice and assistance on a complex employment-based matter.

“I am extremely satisfied with the services provided to me by Immigration Solutions Group .  ISG has enabled me to obtain a K-1 visa in the shortest time possible despite complications and the difficult post 9-11 environment.  I honestly don’t know if I could have done ISG.  Any concerns or questions that I have are always addressed promptly and with a high degree of knowledge and competence.”

- U.S. Citizen regarding fiance application approval

“The firm has personally helped me a lot on my complex visa issues. Mr. Asaad in particular is one of the most helpful and bright immigration lawyers I have seen. I was very pleased as a first time user of their services and will go to them again when the need arises.”

- U.S. Citizen husband from Addison, Texas

“You are a genius and you are right.”

– Senior VP regarding approach to handle USCIS delay

“What I really appreciate about the service provided by ISG is that they are always friendly and helpful with any problem that I may have.  When you are trying to make your way through the maze of immigration law, especially after 9-11, it is very important to have a lawyer who will give you the respect and consideration you deserve and the time to answer any questions.  This is what I got from my lawyer  Even when there are difficulties or setbacks, such service gives you the security that things in the end will work out fine.”

- New U.S. Citizen regarding naturalization with criminal history approval

“Thanks a lot for preparing all these in so short period of time. Really appreciate it.”

– Hardware Engineer (Chinese National) regarding H-1B application process 

“I appreciate the fast response and the professional work that you are doing.”

– Principal Engineer (Indian National) regarding employment-based permanent residence proces 

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your remarkable guidance and assistance in this matter. I appreciated your professionalism and timeliness in handling this case”

– New Green Card Holder (Lebanese National) regarding family-based permanent residence process

“Thank you very much. You made my day!!! You are wonderful!”

– Design Engineer (Indian National) regarding H-1B approval

“Wow.  Appreciate your quick response.  I wish more people like you were working at INS.” 

– Senior Porduct Engineer (Indian National) regarding I-485 filing process

“Teaming with Immigration Solutions Group has resulted in a very successful relationship. Fulfilling our employees’ immigration needs is critical to helping us hire and retain the world’s most qualified candidates, no matter what their nationality.”

– VP Human Resources regarding daily comprehensive services provided by ISG 

“You and your company, have always answered by queries with great patience and that has really been very supportive of immigration solutions.”

– Software Engineer (Indian National) regarding H-1B application process


– VP Human Resources regarding ability to handle last minute H-1B cases for a timely April 1st filing 

“You are amazing!  He is so pleased… thanks so much for your efforts.”

– VP Human Resources regarding ISG’s success in addressing a valued employee’s case that was in USCIS limbo 

“Great!!!!  Jing, you are awesome!  You made my day!  Thanks for all your help & everything.”

– Engineer (Indian National) regarding a PERM approval where the requirements were not normal for the occupation 

“As always, thanks for the quick reply!”

– Principle Engineer (S.African) regarding a recent adjustment of status approval 

“When there’s more faith & confidence, there are less concerns and questions.  Jing you are nice & thoughtful person.  Thanks for your help!”

– Design Engineer (Indian National) regarding a recent PERM approval and explanation on next steps 

“We got our L1 Visa approved today.  I wanted to thank you for all the work that you have done in getting the process completed quickly.”

– Software Engineer (Indian National) regarding a recent quick L-1B approval 

“You made an excellent case from a strong case.”

– Scholar (German National) regarding an I-140 approval under EB-1, Extraordinary Ability 

“I received my GC in the mail over the holidays.  I want to thank you and your office for all your help with the processing of my paper work.”

– Applications Engineer (Indian National) regarding the employment-based green card process and approval 

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for your hard work and professionalism towards helping us with our visas and Green card applications over the last three years.  As you probably know, we received our permanent resident cards through the mail on New Year’s Day (what a way to start the New Year)!”

– Athletic Director (UK National) regarding the employment-based green card process and approvals 

“I have just received the documents you sent to me by Fedex.  Thank you very much for your effort during my H1B petition.  It is a very pleasant experience for me — everything has been well organized and done perfectly.”

– Senior Consultant Economist (Chinese National) regarding the H-1B process 

“Thanks for your prompt response to this,  You guys have been great!”

– Medical Doctor (Saudi Arabian National) regarding the family-based green card process

“Thanks.  I appreciate your thorough and prompt response.  You are good!”

– President of Company regarding ISG’s response to his initial question about the employment-based green card process